Who We Are

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We are a 5th generation family business in the small town of Sanborn, that we call home. We are proud to say that we have been bottling milk since 1920 in glass bottles and delivering it to your door for over 100 years!


We promise to bring you the freshest milk possible without having to stake a cow in your backyard. There is no better way to enjoy the true flavor than from a glass bottle! What makes our milk so good? We do a “short time” pasteurization process.

Our whole milk is not “standardized” meaning you get what the cow gives you.. Our flavored milks are made with whole milk making them extra creamy. The raw milk is brought in from the local farms on each bottling day.

We process 3 times per week, depleting our inventory by the next bottling day. Our milk has a shelf life of 2 weeks when properly stored in your fridge, (NOT ON THE DOOR), with a thermometer reading 35 degrees. We care about our environment and reuse the bottles.

happy customers

“Easily the best tasting milk I have ever had! The unique way they process it and store it in bottles must make a difference.”

Jason Lahti

“The milk is really good and so is the taste. I really recommend it!”

Satnam Kaur

“Great family ran business and a staple in Niagara County!”

Patrick Moyer

“Traditional dairy- complete with glass bottles! A great family-owned local business!”

Amy Haley

From the Moo to You

Try the freshest glass bottled milk around!


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