Our Farm Store is available as a cash & carry with the same great products as delivery. 
Our milk is delivered by a milk hauler on the morning of processing from other local dairy farms.
We bottle milk threes times a week, Monday Wednesday and Friday. This allows us to only bottle what we will sell between them days,  making sure you are getting the high quality and fresh milk possible. That also means when the milk comes out of the cow from the latest milking the night before or the morning of processing.     
Yes, the process we do set us apart. The glass bottle keeps that great taste and you are not tasting the plastic or cardboard like what you get from the grocery store.     
Yes all of our milk is homogenized minus chocolate milk, we believe that sets our chocolate milk apart being full bodied and rich. 
We have a $2.00 delivery fee with a $10.00 Minimum per delivery.  
No, you do not have to be home. We ask that you leave a note for the driver to where you will have a cooler or milk box  for delivery to keep products cold until you get home. We also have some customers that may have us put in the garage refrigerator.     
We just ask you give the bottle a good rinse.  
No we do not reuse the lids. 
This done with ease, you can do this right on the website under your log on or simply just call us at the dairy and we can make that adjustment for you. 
Yes you can set it and forget it if that is what you are looking for. 


happy customers

“Easily the best tasting milk I have ever had! The unique way they process it and store it in bottles must make a difference.”

Jason Lahti

“The milk is really good and so is the taste. I really recommend it!”

Satnam Kaur

“Great family ran business and a staple in Niagara County!”

Patrick Moyer

“Traditional dairy- complete with glass bottles! A great family-owned local business!”

Amy Haley

From the Moo to You

Try the freshest glass bottled milk around!


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